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So don't know how many people have noticed but I have begun writing a sort of story, including an entire universe that it's set in. Probably gonna start out slow. Only have some major plot points done and want to focus more on fleshing out backstories and stuff. Probably wont be done for a while.

Anyways so things aren't too sudden I'll go ahead and lay down some ground rules for the universe it's set in. Just so people aren't too confused. This is mostly intended for people in the future. Speaking of, hello people from the future.

It takes place in between the years 2085 and 5874. Obviously mostly focusing on the latter half of that number. There really isn't going to be any story taking place before 2085 and the current year is early 5874.

A little under half of the entire galaxy has been fully explored and mapped. The region that has been explored and mapped is referred to as the Known Galaxy while the unexplored regions are called the Unknown Galaxy, pretty straightforward. A huge majority of the galaxy is wild space. Wild space accounts for all space that no major faction controls or polices. Its basically the wild west mostly made up of anything ranging from primitive tribes of aliens that have yet to advance from the stone age to small towns dotting the wilderness to nations that have completely conquered their home planet but haven't been successful in expanding into space. Empty space is space in between stars, this can be either massive or surprisingly small and usually lacks anything except the rare rogue asteroid or nomad planet that has no sun for whatever reason. Deep space is the space outside the galaxy as a whole. Even with true FTL technology it would take thousands of years to reach another galaxy and with the expansion of the universe may be impossible. In theory there is basically nothing in deep space.

There are four major factions that currently exist. The United Federation of Independent Systems, a fascist military state run by a series of governors who are appointed by a central government which is in turn controlled by a man named Chairman White. The Felissen Republic, a republic populated mostly by an alien race called the Felissens that currently holds the title of the single most technologically advanced faction in the Known Galaxy and whom is in a war with the UFIS that has been ongoing for 300 years. The Geoid Supremacy, a xenophobic state run by a group of elders that are infamous for conquering and 'crystallizing' entire planets, they mostly keep to themselves and avoid alien contact if possible. And The Union, which is the smallest of the four and is a state that runs itself on a policy of neutrality and strength in unity among all.

Humanity is the most common race in the galaxy as a whole. This fact makes them out to be pretty plain compared to everyone else.

Genetic engineering and cybernetics are common in more technologically advanced places. Sentient robots, usually called automatons to make a distinction, exist and serve a variety of roles. Losing a limb is no longer as big of a deal if you live in a reasonably wealthy or technological place. Warp drives are a thing that exist but are a tad uncommon. The technology for them is rough at best. The Felissens invented basically a perfect warp drive however closely guard its technology. Because of this travel between stars can still take decades or centuries. The UFIS stole this technology and created their own knockoff warp drive (that was a big contributing factor to the war starting) however their warp drives are so inefficient that they need to mount them to large carrier ships called 'starhoppers' which can carry multiple warships or thousands of transports. These knockoff warp drives can fail unlike their relatively safe counterparts. Best case scenario the ship is just warped to some random blank patch of space. Worst case scenario it creates an unstable tear in space time that implodes into a singularity and completely destroys the ship with a miniature black hole (black hole may also destroy nearby asteroids, moons, planets, stars, etc.). Warp drives still aren't perfect and will take hours, days, or even weeks to get places.

True FTL travel (so essentially you point to a distant star and say "i wanna be there now" and you are in an instant) has yet to be achieved. Most attempts have resulted in the craft in question collapsing into pure energy and losing cohesion. It is theorized a group of ancient aliens that existed millions of years ago may have figured out this technology but it was lost when they were wiped out.

A rundown on all the different races will get its own thing later. Just know there are roughly six major alien species, major as in they are abundant enough to be noticeable in most places or significant in some way historically. There are dozens of more sentient alien races that are just minor on a cosmic scale and thus not really worth mentioning.

That's all the basics really down pat. Hope this cleared up some of the more confusing bits. Explain some stuff that is probably gonna go unexplained when I start actually working on the story, just so everyone isn't just spouting exposition constantly. Like I said a detailed thing about all the different aliens out there will probably have its own bit just because there's a lot of ground to cover and I wanna keep this relatively brief. 

One last thing I forgot to mention, early on when I was brainstorming how this whole story is gonna go down, I decided that his name, well if his kind really have names, is Mister Cross. He finds the name to be foolish but it was given to him by an important person when they were very young.


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What are you doing here? Why do you wanna know more about me?

Well for whatever reason apparently you're here to learn more 'bout this loser so here you go. Probably wont find a whole lot of 'deviations' on here. I enjoy writing from time to time however will never upload any of my stories just about anywhere. Because they are all terrible. If I do upload anything onto here art based it's probably gonna be ironic or a joke.

On the subject of that last sentence, Im currently working on something. Still in its early stages but you might find some bits of it here and there.


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